Sue Marcantonio


Opening the Doors to Freedom


The prisoner frees no-one, not even himself. It is when the prisoner ceases seeing the limitations of the cell, And begins to see the opportunities in the situation, That he can open up to discovering The path to FREEDOM.

And so it is…….

When the body and mind are free We are free to do that which we have been placed here to do. So free yourself, that you may be able to assist others to freedom. You cannot direct a traveller on a road you haven’t travelled!

~ White Eagle ~


Please Read

Dear Potential Customers; 

The threads of my work are intertwined and woven in a variety of weaves. It has been said that I have great integrity and wisdom entwined with humour and kindness which creates a safe, relaxed and supportive environment to allow the magic of my work to flow. Like any tapestry, certain aspects of it will appeal to you more than others.

Each thread represents much personal work and sacrifice having had to choose to let go of much baggage. As we grow up, we have a tendency to collect hurts as well as wisdom; and it has been my life’s path to unravel the knots of life and turn them into something beautiful, something which has empowered me to be who and what I am today and to offer the services that I offer.

If you see nothing else from my tapestry of life, of which I offer to you in way of services, I hope you at-least can see, hear or feel the strands of love, compassion, empathy and acceptance; for without these, my work would be none other than purely words.

If you are considering my services but are fearful of what may come up, please do not hesitate to e-mail me (email at the top of the screen) and together we can work through your concerns.

Please click the individual link to find out more about each service, until we meet, may the light of the universe surround you.

Blessings – Sue

Your Heart Must Become A Sea of Love

Your Mind Must Become a River of Detachment

~ Sri Chinmoy ~