Intuitive Mentoring

Intuitive Mentoring 


“Thinking can never solve the problems of life……..  .it is only when you step aside, the answers reveal themselves”

With a background in various movement modalities, Life and Business coaching, mentoring, Shamanism, and so much more,  I was considering how these different threads might come together in a unique weave to enable change on different levels.    For example, to share tools and practices for those with medical conditions to help manage their condition through engaging with their body’s knowledge and inner wisdom,  or to enable others to develop / find their path in these unprecedented times – to find purpose or connection with the earth and her bounty, to find your way to come home and find wholeness within yourself.

So out of my musings and working with clients came a spontaneous way of being present with my clients and open to what flowed in that time and space.To play and develop creative ways of working.

This is my invitation to you if you are drawn to the way I work.   Flexible Structure along with curiosity, playfulness and a light touch. All held in an impeccable safe space

Take time to look throughout my website to absorb the way I connect with clients and my work. See if Intuitive Mentoring is for you.

Each session is intuitively guided and tailored to your requirements.  You may find that one session is all you need or you may choose to have more.  Each session is self contained, however, if you book 2-6 sessions, each one will build on from the last.

Fees: ‘Pay As You Wish’

For more information and to book a free 30-minute consultation please email

A clients view of this work……………….

” I came to Sue feeling overwhelmed and emotional following a diagnosis with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS),  my Mum’s diagnosis with cancer and dealing with grief following the loss of my Grandpa.   All three had massively impacted my mental health.   When I started working with Sue, I felt I had got the physical symptoms of my PCOS largely under control but was struggling mentally, felt lost, out of balance and worried about my health.

After a few sessions with Sue,  we had decided to focus on cortisol levels (the stress hormone which is often raised amongst PCOS sufferers) and how we could work together to get closer to getting it back in balance.  Through meditation and visualisation Sue helped me to connect and communicate with my adrenal glands (where cortisol is produced) to check in and ask, ‘what can I do to help you?’.

The main focus was to work with my body to help it to be healthy and happy rather than working against it.

Alongside this work, Sue helped me to recognise and utilise the tools I have to keep myself happy and healthy by introducing small,  but highly effective,  strategies that are easy to implement into a busy life, including breath work, meditation, visualisation, movement, positive language, all whilst keeping it light, playful and gentle, fostering curiosity and experimentation.

My work with Sue culminated in a series of sessions aimed at letting go of feelings of guilt, worry and anxiety.   With Sue’s help I was able to access and connect to the parts of my body where I had been holding onto emotions and letting them sit.   In our work I was able to connect with my Grandpa and seek his guidance and reassurance.

Following our sessions and still to this day, I have been able to maintain a feeling of lightness, calm and positive self-love.

In our final session Sue did a healing session with me.  The session enabled me to recognise the emotions, stress, anger, fear and guilt that I had built up and had burdened me over the past few years.   During the meditation it became apparent that these feelings had manifested themselves in a dark cloak that was weighing me down.   With the help of Sue, I was able to recognise which of these emotions were mine and let go of those that weren’t.   Through this and a ceremony that Sue helped me to plan. I was able to shed the cape and the emotions that I had been carrying around with me and the energies surrounding me.   After this I not only felt lighter but also smaller, as if I had lost the negativity surrounding these emotions.

Overall, my work with Sue has helped me to recalibrate and rebalance my body and my emotions and thoughts.  I am better equipped to cope with stress and sadness, without letting it overwhelm me.  I can’t recommend Sue and her work enough!   She is kind, calm, considerate, full of encouragement and really listens to you and how you are feeling.

Sue has so many techniques that can help you to shed negative emotions and create more space for happiness, health, light and calmness “.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.