Sue Marcantonio

Shamanic Facilitator and Bee Shamanism

Healing for the Terminally Ill

Healing for the Terminally Ill

Healing for the Terminally Ill cannot necessarily bring about a cure. Quite often the diseased state is too advanced to be reversed.

Healing in this case is primarily to bring comfort, reassurance and support rather than for a complete healing. Healing for the Terminally Ill is gentle and progressive, it can bring healing on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level but it cannot work against the natural flow of life’s tides.

Quite often individuals who are terminally ill or dying have already began a ‘life-review’, this can happen automatically as they reminisce all that they have achieved or not achieved in their life. This alone, can bring up many emotions, possibly painful memories as well as many happy ones all this can assist with healing. Others will be suffering physically and will be looking for that extra bit of comfort.

In either case, healing can help; it can bring comfort on many levels. As Jim said of this work

‘I have achieved many things in my life however this experience is the most awe-inspiring.’

My work at North Devon Hospice has given me great insight into the compassion and trust that end of life care involves. If you are unsure what to do next then please ring and have a gentle chat that may help you find your way at a difficult time. 

Please contact me if you require further information as theses sessions can be held “Virtually”.

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