Shamanic Embodied Massage

Shamanic Embodied Massage

Shamanism is an ancient collection of traditions based on the act of voluntarily accessing and connecting to non-ordinary states and spirit realms for wisdom and healing .

Massage brings the element of touch and feeling to see where the body maybe holding on.  Working on the meridian lines it can ease tensions in the body and allow for the client to become aware of subtle shifts and changes.

Together the therapists work weaving the body and mind , and other in a dance , a celebration of who you really are.  They do this by restoring and removing energetic pathways to help you find answers to life’s seemingly impossible questions. 

It’s easy to lose yourself in all the problems and start feeling like a victim. But when you change your perspective and focus on what you can do instead of what you cannot do, you start to take back control of your life and things begin to change.

 We are here to assist you by holding you in a space that is caring and nurturing so you can unfold as you wish.

This is about YOUR JOURNEY.

The massage activates the energies of the body, mind and spirit the result of which re-established the harmony between mind and the physical manifestation.  While you are being massaged the Shamanic weaving occurs in, on and around you at the same time.

This is a full body massage which incorporates meridian work to identify points to apply pressure while the massage is nurturing at the same time.  It is a dance enabling both you and us to voyage into deeper realms of consciousness.  The treatment is part in silence but there is a chance to express yourself verbally or move, dance, shake or just be still.  It is a complete work of the whole body, many shamanic techniques are applied as needed and you are held to help restore some balance and ease tension.

It is an opening … “By touching a body, we touch every event it has experienced. For a few brief moments we hold all of a client’s stories in our hands.  We witness someone’s experience of their own flesh, through some of the most powerful means possible, the contact of our hands, the acceptance of the body without judgment, and the occasional listening ear.  With these gestures we reach across the isolation of the human experience and hold another person’s legend.”    This treatment brings together the combined dance of two therapists.

This is a 1.5 hour ceremonial treatment performed by myself Sue Marcantonio and Susan De Muynck

Cost:  Minimum donation of £90.00 per session

” Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you

 do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.” (Steve Maraboli)

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Susan De Muynck