Sue Marcantonio

Shamanic Facilitator and Bee Shamanism

House Clearing

House Cleansing and Blessing

Houses and land like people have the capacity to hold memories, stories and history of times and events gone by. We know from experience that some buildings or places uplift us and it is understood that being in nature or by the sea can often have a beneficial effect on both body and mind. Conversely the opposite is true some buildings and spaces can hold onto sad or traumatic events and the energy of this lingers in the house or land and in the ether around these places. This energy can make sensitive people feel physically or mentally unwell.

We all need to take responsibility for our energy, it is OURS, we cannot continue to lay all the unhealthy emotions at another’s feet. We must act upon ourselves to be the difference in the world, for when we don’t, we leave an imprint in the atmosphere, in the buildings we enter, on the land we walk, we potentially leave behind an inheritance of negativity and toxic energy.

House and land clearing works to remove unhealthy, stuck, heavy and uncomfortable energy leaving the place free of residue toxicity. It also works to remove any unwanted dis-carnate spirits. Sometimes those that have passed over have not gone to their new home, they have remained on the earth, for one reason or another. These spiritual beings are often lost and in pain and thus can cause disruption, bad feelings, arguments etc. If beings are trapped or lost, they need help, love, compassion and support to leave and be able to continue on their journey.

Once the house or land has been cleared then the beautiful Blessing ceremony can begin.

How we Bless your house or land will be discussed and personalised as part of the preparation for this outstanding work.

If you would like to discuss this work and see if it is appropriate for your needs then please contact me.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this work can be performed Virtually

Email:   Tel: 07896 326024


I am so very grateful for the help I have received from Sue and for the support she has given me with regard to an elderly friend. Her incredible treatment as well as the space clearing work she undertook for his home has been transformative to say the very least. I really didn’t know where to turn for some of his issues.

He now feels more centred and able to deal with his health problems, some very heavy negativity that he has carried for a long time, has lifted. His home is now settled and the unwelcome activity causing him sleepless nights and worry has gone. My dog, who loves him, was becoming very distressed when she came to visit him, and now she is calm and has no fear. Amazing Work.

Huge gratitude Sue for the important work you are doing, I cant thank you enough.