Sue Marcantonio

Shamanic Facilitator and Bee Shamanism


A Social Distanced Day In Nature 

Our next date in 2020 to be confirmed.

We would like to offer a chance to share with us a day out in nature.   Either out on the Moors with Stone Circles to play with, or near the Sea, or old Bronze Age forts and Woodlands.   

The day will consist of ceremony, a quest for vision, movement, meditation and journeying.  Something to bring joy, laughter, sharing, caring and maybe new insights as we go forward in these changing times.

You will be responsible for your own food, drink and transport.    

The day will be facilitated by Susan de Muynck and myself Sue Marcantonio.

For further information please contact me  Tel: 07896 326024   Email:

Due to Covid-19 all other ceremonies are on hold for the time being.