Ceremony brings the sacred into the ordinary Life……

For tens of thousands of years, ceremonies have been universally used to help communities navigate change and welcome in new cycles.    Performing ceremonies creates a bridge between the material world we live in and the world of the unseen, the divine, the power of the universe.”               

Sandra Ingerman

Group Ceremonies           

When we work together in Ceremony, we create an energetic field that is greater than everyone.  It is not the drumming, or dancing that is the true work although that too is beautiful and allows us to connect with the web of life and all that is. The potential healing happens to the individual behind the veil – inside each of us especially when we are witnessed and held unconditionally without judgement or outcome.

Individual Ceremonies

An individual ceremony is a powerful experience and each ceremony is unique to the individual in that moment.

Ceremonies can be held indoors or outside in nature.

Once upon a time we would celebrate life regularly, my wish is to be able to offer this again by honouring the phases of the moon, the season bounty, birth, death, initiations and so much more, including Ceremonies for the land, for our homes or the waters that support us. Bringing the soul of places back into harmony and balance.  Asking permission of the place before you build or create.

Ceremonies give structure and flow to daily lives and honour the changes that happen throughout one’s life.

Once we make a commitment to bring Ceremony back into our daily life,  my experience is that life becomes richer and more colourful.  It allows for daily connection with the essence of who we are and where we are in the weave of our own lives as we create our own rich tapestry.

When planning a Ceremony for an individual,  I work with my spirit allies and the client,  to create a magical and therapeutic experience unique to them in that moment.

For more information  please contact  Tel: 07896 326024   Email: sue.spiritunleashed@gmail.com


A Day In Nature

I would like to offer a chance to share with you a day out in nature.   Either out on the Moors with Stone Circles to play with, or near the Sea, or old Bronze Age forts and Woodlands.

The day will consist of ceremony, a quest for vision, movement, meditation and journeying.  Something to bring joy, laughter, sharing, caring and maybe new insights as we go forward in these changing times.

You will be responsible for your own food, drink and transport.

These days can be for individuals or small group. For more information contact Sue at sue.spiritunleased@gmail.com