Sue Marcantonio

Shamanic Facilitator and Bee Shamanism

Shamanic Healing for Change

Shamanic Healing

“Shamanic healing has been around for thousands of years. The basic premise of Shamanism is that everything is alive. The earth we walk on, the air we breathe, the vines of the forest, the birds, the plants, the animals – everything; even our ancestors continue to be alive for they continue to have or be spirit.” Shamanic Healer

In my work I use a mix of good old common sense and spiritual connection to help guide people helping them to find the answers that they need from deep within themselves. The challenge for Modern Shamanism is to respectfully embrace the knowledge and essence of the past and make it applicable for all now.

“There are no compassionate spirits or Shamanic teachers who can do your personal work for you, but they can inspire you on your way to perform your own ceremonial work, join with others in your local community and keep going deeper.” Sandra Ingerman

My aim is to enable people to reach their own answers, take responsibility for their own actions and thus take responsibility for their own outcomes and future. I understand how to use the gifts of mother earth for healing whether these are plants, rocks, crystals, or spirit allies. I have a knowledge of the culture, history, and roots of shamanism and how to use this knowledge and adapt it to the world we now live in. I am also able to connect and commune with spirit. Finally, I am a true teacher; someone who can pass their knowledge on in a way that everyone I am working with can learn. That learning will be appropriate to where they are on their path whether this is through my classes, workshops, individual healings, or Shamanic Apprenticeships.

My shamanic healing involves working with energy. When life has been challenging and we have been hurt in some way, whether this is physically, emotionally,  spiritually or mentally it is possible for some people to carry these wounds in their body. Sometimes we carry misplaced energy from past lives or through our Ancestral links. To be healthy, energy needs to flow just like water. If this energy becomes blocked or misplaced then this can affect us on all levels, the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. Thus, it is possible for people to feel tied, disconnected, anxious, discombobulated or unable to complete projects etc. Illness starts in the Luminous Energy Field around our bodies and ultimately manifests in the physical body.

Shamanic healing is about restoring the person to their natural balance, opening their energy pathways to aid the flow of energy, and thus replenishing their whole system. It is about working with the whole person not just their symptoms. Sometimes it is more about working on their hopes and dreams as well as their goals. In the past a shaman helped everyone in the tribe to remain healthy on all levels, live in abundance and in harmony with all beings. These are still wonderful ideals today and can help us live more rounded and fulfilled lives.

All healing sessions are different depending on the needs of the individual. I may use drumming, sound, journeying, coaching, breath work, relaxation techniques and many other methods to help my clients. The healing can be for something specific or it can be part of an individual’s journey to better health and a more relaxed less stressful way of being.

Some people will only require one or two sessions, others will require more on-going sessions.

First Session: 90+ mins    Price £70.00

Follow on Session: 60 –  90 mins    Price: £65.00