Sue Marcantonio

Shamanic Facilitator and Bee Shamanism


Yarnscombe in Devon

Your Heart Must Become A Sea of Love

Your Mind Must Become a River of Detachment

~ Sri Chinmoy ~

Opening the Doors to Freedom


The prisoner frees no-one, not even himself. It is when the prisoner ceases seeing the limitations of the cell, And begins to see the opportunities in the situation, That he can open up to discovering The path to FREEDOM.

And so it is…….

When the body and mind are free We are free to do that which we have been placed here to do. So free yourself, that you may be able to assist others to freedom. You cannot direct a traveller on a road you haven’t travelled!

~ White Eagle ~


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Truly Transformative

Truly Transformative

Truly Transformative   I can’t express how much the Shamanic Apprenticeship with Sue means to me, and how much it has changed me – and my life – for the better. Sue is the most wonderful, kind and truly special woman and she is leading us on such an incredible...

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Listening To Our Bodies to Improve Our Health 2020

Listening To Our Bodies to Improve Our Health 2020

Listening to Our Bodies with Sue Marcantonio   When was the last time you asked your body (your true home) how it was and was there anything it needed…?   This is an invitation to a beautiful rural setting in stunning North Devon, to take time to re-connect...

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