I am one of those people who never says ‘No’, whose life is often a whirlwind so when Sue suggested that I join her two day Reiki Course, I was both physically and mentally exhausted. I cannot believe the difference 2 days made and would make! Not only did the chaos in my head dissipate, but I found a place to ‘rest my brain’, and best of all – it is a permanent place. I don’t know if I will take Reiki to the next stage, but right now it has allowed me to relax and unscramble my head!
I would recommend this course to anyone who deals with everyday pressures. I now try to make Reiki a part of my daily routine, but as I am still new to this, so often I reach the high tension stage before I remember! Just knowing ‘peace of mind’ is so close, and I can always call on Sue if I forget, is invaluable.

Geraldine North Devon. Reiki One Course