Sue Marcantonio

Shamanic Facilitator and Bee Shamanism

Virtual Shamanic Healing

Virtual Shamanic Healing

This work draws on ancient knowledge and ancestral wisdom which is woven into the wombs of women and is a potential place of inner knowing, intuition, trust, safety, wisdom, nurturing and possibility where all things created in love can thrive, grow, and be birthed.

Its roots can be found in Britain, Greece and Eastern Europe.   Within this practice, this healing methodology is undertaken through eight primary (META) none physical energy centres within the body; because in Shamanism we work with the spiritual aspect of a dis-ease whether it be emotional, physical, mental or indeed spiritual.  In balances are treated by these centres.  

In my work I use a mix of good old common sense and spiritual connection to help guide people helping them to find the answers that they need from deep within themselves.

My aim is to enable people to take responsibility for their own outcomes and future. Shamanic healing is about restoring the person to their natural balance, opening their energy pathways to aid the flow of energy, and thus replenishing their whole system.

It is important to work with the whole person not just the symptoms.

My work can help:

When your body is out of balance and this is showing up as dis-ease

When you feel anxiety and fear.

When you feel disconnected from your physical body

When you feel stuck or blocked in your life.

When you have been through a difficult time such as grief or trauma

When you feel disconnected from the earth and all her bounty

First Session: 90+ mins   

Price £70.00 Follow on Session: 60 –  90 mins    Price: £65.00

Due to Covid-19 this work can be performed virtually. 

Please contact me for further information Tel: 07896 326024 or email