Sue Marcantonio

Shamanic Facilitator and Bee Shamanism

Drum Healing – Our Mother’s Heartbeat

Drum Healing

The Sacred Drum is a wonderful tool, it carries the beat of the Earths Heart, it permits us to feel the rhythms of our dear Mother Earth, like a foetus in the womb listening, feeling and experiencing its mothers heart beat, its mothers spirit.

Drum Healing or Drum Medicine will carry you safely into the realms of yourself, it will transport you to the place you most need to be, it will carry you on its rhythm like the wind carries the Eagle. Drums Medicine is in putting you in touch with the parts of yourself that require Drums Healing.

As the Shaman beats her drum intuitively, you will be given the opportunity and the space to travel, to travel along your inner path to a place of no belonging, a place where you can meet your guides, your totems, or even yourself.

The place of no belonging is different for everyone, it is a mystical place of magic, magical in the sense of the drum knows where you need to go, she knows the speed in which you need to travel and she knows when you have arrived.

Through the Spirit of the drum, your Shaman will guide you on your journey, she will guide you into your inner most being, inner most spaces, where you can receive all that you need.

Take what is offered, for what is offered is a gift; some gifts bring joy, some gifts bring freedom, some gifts bring tears. But with every tear comes a new rainbow, a promise that you are one tear drop closer to release. Be brave and dare to ride on the rhythm of the Earths Heart Beat.

White Eagle


Session: 60mins

Price: £60