The Magnificent Menopausal Journey – A Day of Exploration

Due to Covid-19 this workshop will have to be scheduled at a later date in 2021

Whether you are currently going through the menopause or are pre- or post-menopausal, this day will offer you a chance to explore, share and delve into this transition point of a woman’s life. We will demystify the process and most importantly give you some tools and support.

We will discuss the physiology of what happens to our bodies and also how society perceives the menopause, especially as a sign of ageing. You will have a chance to explore your own experience of menopause and find ways of honouring this time of transition whilst still coping with the demands of daily life.

We will look at how diet, supplements, herbs and alternative therapies can help with our lifestyle choices

The day will include movement, breath work, mediations, art, touch and fun.

We invite you to bring head, heart, body and mind into your Wise Woman years, not by denying these changes but by celebrating them.

 Please wear loose comfortable clothing

I will bring 40 years of experience in women’s health and well-being and Shamanism.

I will gently guide you through her sessions with fun and humour. 

Susan De Muynck with many years of massage experience will bring some simple massage techniques to engage with our bellies. Also share her thoughts on importance of touch and how we can sense in our energy fields the way forward.

For further information please contact me on tel: 07896 326024