Journeying Circle


The Dancing Drum

Next Dates for 2020 are: 19th March – 23rd Apr – 21st May – 18th June 2020

The drum is the most ancient instrument in the world, dating back tens of thousands of years. It has been used within healing work, ritual & ceremony, rites of passage, celebration and for moving between the worlds.

More than any other instrument, it gives us a powerful link with our tribal past. Shamanic journeying is a way of communicating with our inner or spirit self and retrieving information. Our inner self is in constant communication with all aspects of our environment, seen and unseen. One need only journey within to find answers to our questions; Shamanic journeying may also be undertaken for purposes of personal healing, to meet one’s power animal or spirit guide, or for any number of other reasons. After the journey, if appropriate I will help you interpret the meaning of your experience.

This is a group session where we begin by welcoming each other. Then we call in the spirits and drop deeply into breath work connecting with the Spirit of the Dancing Drum. This is followed by a choice of journeys to the lower, middle and upper worlds. The journeys change each month as I am guided.

If you are new to journeying all will be simply explained. Please bring pillows, blankets, notebook and water so that you will be warm, comfortable and write your journeys if you wish.

Session: 90 minutes

Price: £12.00 per session

Time: 7.30pm – 9 pm

Next Date:  Thursday 6th February 2020


Booking essential as places are limited.