Listening to Our Bodies

with Sue Marcantonio

When was the last time you asked your body (your true home) how it was and was there anything it needed…?

This is an invitation to a beautiful rural setting in stunning North Devon, to take time to re-connect deeply with your body and with yourself. The day is based around playful, light and deeply insightful structures. Some of these may be indoors, some outdoors; some movement based; some working individually, others with partners or in small groups. The structures gently enable you to create your own mind body connection in a safe and supportive environment. It is an interaction full of potential and possibilities.

Do you dare to ask what your body really really wants?

Sue’s background in movement and Shamanism weaves a vibrant and authentic web taking you deeper into your inner wisdom, your calm, your beauty, and your power.

Due to Covid-19 this workshop will be scheduled at a later date

For more information please contact me by email: or call 07896 326024