Shamanic Apprenticeship Starting April 2019

The Shamanic Apprenticeship for 2019 will start in April.

It is for those who wish to study the subject in more depth and become a Shamanic Practitioner or those wishing to further their own personal development and find their true nature and use the work in other areas of their lives.

All teaching brings profound change and as an apprentice you need to be open and willing to go through such change. This course is firstly about you and your individual journey and secondly about learning how to be a practitioner.

It is important for you to be open to receiving guidance and also that you are ready to do the work involved in this type of journey.

As an apprentice, you will delve deeply into the use of Shamanism for bringing transformation and change into people’s lives.

It is an in-depth apprenticeship that will bring healing into your life and equip you to bring healing into other people’s lives.

I will guide and support you as your teacher / mentor.  I will help you to grow as an individual as well as helping you to learn the tools you need to open the pathways of knowledge and growth. It is through your own growth and metamorphism that you become more able and open to helping others. As with any course it stands or falls by the integrity, trust and honesty of those involved.

My journey has led me to study many different ways of healing from many extraordinary teachers. In a dream these teachings appeared as lines of energy coming from many different places of knowledge but all from the same loving, compassionate source which flowed into me and it is from that place in my heart, where all the work that I do was born.

My Shamanic teacher, known to many as White Eagle said to me:

“I do not stand above you nor below you, I choose to stand beside you to accompany you on your journey, please feel free to stay as long as you need.”

I would like to extend the same invitation to you.

The course is firstly about You – Your healing – Your growth – letting go of your ego – connecting with Yourself – knowing Your stories and internal dialog.   Therefore, I only have a maximum of 6 persons on the course

Current Student Review

“ I love Sues teaching style.   It is down to earth and empowering.  This apprenticeship has taught me that Shamanism is a way of being, that links us to creation in the way that modern civilisation separates us.” John

 A Sample of the topics to be covered during the course:

  • Journeying (use of the drum) how to work with healing allies and medicine wheel
  • Munay Ki Rites 1 – 9 and the Fire Ceremony
  • Techniques for healing – tracking – extraction – rattles – drumming – feathers – drumming- Bee Smoker
  • Listening and intuiting the body’s information and guidance
  • Practical healing sessions throughout the course
  • Soul retrieval
  • Compassionate depossession
  • Space – house and land clearing
  • Ceremonies
  • Practical movement sessions to learn how to connect with your own body and begin to feel / intuit what is happening internally for you to aid change at a cellular level for yourself

Course Requirements

Be open to group and / or individual mentoring and healing

  • Maintain a personal journal throughout the course
  • Complete any work on time and to the best of your ability
  • Be committed to your path and to the teaching
  • Be honest and sincere
  • Respect yourself and others, including their beliefs, feelings etc
  • Be open to learning
  • Be willing to maintain confidentiality
  • Some prior healing work is useful (Reiki One or equivalent) but not essential

If you are interested in the Shamanic Practitioner Course , I can either meet up with you to discuss this or talk over the phone 07896 326024. My email is

Fees are £200.00 per weekend to be held at Spirit Unleashed Healing Room at Bowling Green Farm, Yarnscombe Barnstaple EX31 3LW

The course will run over 5 weekends in 2019 and 5 weekends in 2020.

Please refer to my website for more information about myself, the way that I work and the services I offer

For your information here are some local accommodations please go to the links below


Sue is a calm, patient, wise practitioner, teacher and guide with a true connection to spirit. She is interested in your story but does not allow you to wallow in it. Through your story telling, Sue gives you the tools to move forward and empower yourself, unravelling its intricacies as you go. Moving you forward to true Freedom of Spirit.

I have worked in the holistic complementary field for 25 years and have found it increasingly difficult to find people in my line of work who really ‘walk the walk’ and not just ‘talk the talk’. I spied in Sue just such a person. So when she asked me if i would like to participate in her next shamanic apprenticeship I jumped at the chance, especially since I had just received a deeply meaningful treatment from her
She has gently lead me from a place of inner terror and disharmony back to a place of light and magic. My body was broken, my mind covered in a gloom of self despondency, my emotions in constant turmoil and my spirit compromised. Many a caterpillar pupa could say the same. I use this analogy because my work with Sue has been truly transformational: my spirit, body, mind and emotions.
Sue has helped me regain my sense of self and understood the stresses that have impacted on my health and helped me to rebuild my body. From a Shamanic perspective my body decomposed and has been reborn – an amazing experience. Through complete disintegration I have lean’t to rebuild my self. I still can’t believe how different I feel now to how I did feel. When I started my shamanic journey with Sue I was not well, bodily, mindfully, emotionally or spiritually and I had had enough. I only knew this was not me. I was lost and had to find myself and build myself up again. Through Sue’s mentoring I have been able to do just that.
Sue has  reminded me that true health starts when you care for yourself, listen to your body, believe in its worth and its ability to change. There is nothing better than when you realize that your own body holds the key to its health if you only stop to listen to it. It knows how to get better and heal itself and will share that with you if you ask. Shamanism is that journey back to full body integration and empowerment. I cannot rate what Sue does highly enough – I am so glad I found her and that i was able to be a participant in her two year shamanic apprenticeship. I have also learn’t many seemingly magical healing skills that I can now use in my various life/work situations and have available for anyone who really wants to improve their understanding of who they are, their connection with spirit and our earth as well as their connection with their own body, mind and emotions.

If you are wondering whether or not to go on a similar journey with Sue – please don’t hesitate – not only transforming but great fun! Spirit has a way of making sure of that!

Sue is a unique person with a unique set of skills from whom I have been very lucky to learn and work with.
What an amazing start to a journey which is the rest of my life!

Thank you Sue for helping me to unleash my spirit!

Many Blessings…..

Amanda May Holistic Bodywork Practitioner