Sue Marcantonio

Shamanic Facilitator and Smoker of the Sacred Bee

Thank-You for Your Kind Words

Truly Transformative

Truly Transformative   I can’t express how much the Shamanic Apprenticeship with Sue means to me, and how much it has changed me – and my life – for the better. Sue is the most wonderful, kind and truly special woman and she is leading us on such an incredible...

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Spirit Unleashed Workshop For Women

Experienced and Gifted Guides   Having a whole day off from my own life in such a haven was totally blissful, and to explore myself and the things that hold me back was immensely useful in my personal journey. It opened me up to ways of seeing and being that had...

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What a Profound Journey

What a Profound Journey   I have been part of Sue’s Pilates class for a good 10 years. Sue asked for clients for shamanic healing. I had no idea what to expect and as is Sues’s way was immediately put at ease. Sue took me down the tried and tested traditional...

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The Feeling of Being Hugged

The Feeling of Being Hugged   The minute I walk into the studio I get the feeling of being hugged, the calming scent and welcoming feeling. I have only just started working with Sue but she gives you the confidence to understand and achieve. I feel I have come a...

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A Wealth of Expertise and Experience

A Wealth of Expertise and Experience   ‘Sue brings her multifaceted expertise and wealth of experience into the richness of Reiki, providing the student with a unique healing, attunement and refresh. Highly recommended for both novice and expert.’ – Giles...

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