If you feel the need to re-look at, or begin to change, your life or your relationships, or if you feel a little stuck or lost, would like to understand who you really are, or what you really want and are open to trying something new, then this day is for you.

Experience this one-day Spirit Unleashed workshop with lunch and refreshments with deeply experienced life coach and healer Sue Marcantonio and women’s workshop leader Caroline Sides out at Bowling Green Farm, Yarnscombe. Set on the very edge of the village with beautiful views of the rolling hills of the North Devon Countryside, this workshop is designed to give you the luxury of a whole day to – and for – yourself, and involves a gentle yet powerful mix of physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional activities which take you on a journey of your own and which connects you with yourself in a unique and compassionate way so that you can begin to find your personal power. It’s a magical and life-changing experience.

You’ll arrive for a 9.30am start with your pillow and blanket and in comfy clothes, and you’ll receive a very warm welcome from Sue and Caroline, who will be there just for you throughout the day. They’ll introduce you to the other 6 or 7 people who will also be coming to this for the first time and you’ll have a little time over a cup of tea to get acquainted. You’ll be asked to choose a notebook which you’ll use to record your thoughts and feelings throughout the day and the workshop will begin.

Sue and Caroline will talk you through how the day will work, explaining that it will involve a series of gentle exercises and activities taking place either in the light and bright space in the main house at Bowling Green Farm or in the toasty aromatic therapy room a stone’s throw from the house. They will invite you to take part in the exercises and activities, to the extent you feel comfortable, moment to moment. Then, you’ll begin the first exercise: a meditation through movement, to relax you into your physical body and bring your focus into yourself, so that you can begin to open your heart and soul, to listen to yourself and tap into your true feelings. You’ll curl up into a restful nest made with your pillow and blanket and after a 15 minute nap you’ll emerge ready for the next sessions, which involve movement and exercises.

These are followed by a listening circle, which gives you time and space to think and talk without interruption and to say whatever comes. It’s amazingly liberating as the words come from within and you’ll feel a freedom to open your heart in a way that you rarely can, in this wonderfully supportive, nurturing, and confidential environment in which everyone undertakes a promise to keep everything in the workshop between participants only.

You’ll then be ready for a break to have lunch over in the main house again, in the dining room, where the vibe is upbeat and you’ll surface again as you chat over lunch around the large farmhouse table. The food is good, healthy and hearty and after a cup of tea and a slice of homemade cake, you’ll get back to work, this time for an invigorating yet gentle outdoor session, in the rolling fields of the farm, experiencing nature in a new way.

Returning to the house, your next activities enable you to gently explore your creativity and your compassion for yourself, giving you fresh insights from your innermost being. Towards the end of the day, you’ll begin to reflect on your new insights and discover ways to take them with you into everyday life, before a final reflection and a relaxing meditation, which ends with you snuggled back in your cosy nest once more.

Of course, the experience of the day will be different for everyone, but whatever you notice, you’ll feel different, assured, solid in self-knowledge and with a new sense of inner confidence, ready to go out into the world with renewed vitality, happier in your own skin and ready and able to share your joy, and your truth, with those you love.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Spirit Unleashed. It felt like a complete holiday from my own life, one in which I had time and space to give myself respect and consideration like never before. It was a journey of self-discovery that gave me a new understanding of myself and where I am in my life. I felt as if the essence of me had been ‘unleashed’ and I haven’t looked back. Recommended for anyone who is already on a journey of self-discovery or for anyone who just needs some time out from their lives, time for themselves and time where they can feel the freedom to be who they really are. Highly recommended.”
“It was such a special day with a lovely group. I left feeling relaxed, inspired and positive – I could have stayed forever!”
‘The day was surprising as you were able to reach places other courses hadn’t been, which I think was what made it such an exceptional day and one that I would whole heartedly recommend to others however ‘together’ they may seem.

“I was invited to join Sue and Caroline on this day. I was overwhelmed with a personal family issue which has been causing me great stress and worry for 12 months. I didn’t know what to expect but went with an open mind and heart and I am so glad that I did. How that one day has changed my life – all I will say is expect the unexpected and unleash the inner woman within, which in my case had been there all the time but had become lost. Highly recommended.” Glen – Exeter


The next Day One workshop is 12th August 2017
9.30 – 5.30 at Bowling Green farm, Yarnscombe, Barnstaple Ex31 3LW
We are offering a reduced rate of £100, instead of £140, to the first 8 who book and pay a deposit of £20.00. This offer is only available for 12th June on a first-come-first-served basis at the discretion of Spirit Unleashed.